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Adventure Travelers Tragic Risk a Reminder to Take Precautions

Adventure travelers have taken social media by storm to showcase their jaw-dropping experiences from around the world with their devoted followers. Finding the perfect camera angle to highlight these adventures can often be risky – from hanging off a rocky ledge to balancing on a jagged cliff or plummeting into a lagoon, these are all…
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Triptime Partners with Extreme Adventure Traveler

Twelve different countries in twelve months- that's the goal of extreme adventure traveler, Jerre Stead, @selcouth_vagary Join us and follow along as he travels the world with Triptime Insurance. Extreme travel needs extreme insurance. Get a QUOTE before your next adventure.  Jerre Stead, Traveling the World @selcouth_vagary
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Cave Diving: Looks dangerous, am I covered?

Cave Diving: Am I covered?  Answer: Descending into a water-filled subterranean cave is an adventure pursuit and is covered by Triptime® under the scuba diving benefit in the Adventure Sport Coverage but to depths of no more than 50 meters (165 feet). Thankfully, there is no claustrophobia exclusion. Ease your mom's mind before you go! You're…
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