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A Once in a Lifetime Experience: Petting a Cheetah

Question: I'm planning my next adventure to get up close and personal with some exotic wildlife. Does my coverage protect me in case of an animal attack or mishap? Answer: Ease your mom's anxiety and tell her you're covered. Under the Adventure Sports Coverage, Triptime covers a wildlife safari- which would include a cheetah attack. Pull out…
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If a Cave Collapses, Am I Covered?

Question: I'm going cave crawling! If the cave collapses, am I covered? Answer: YES! Spelunking is one of the covered activities under the Adventure Sports coverage. As in all adventure activities appropriate care must be taken. For example, the insured must not enter a cave that is condemned or boarded. Activities underground should only be…
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Is a Motorycle Accident in Another Country Covered?

Question: Is a Motorycle Accident in Another Country Covered by Triptime Insurance? Answer: YES. A close call on a motorcycle trip through South America had Triptime Adventure writer, Timothy Darrin, relieved he was covered. "We left our little B&B in Puyuhuapi outside Trevelin with usual timing at 9:00 am and rode for thirty kilometers to…
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