BUNGEE BISCUIT DUNK (With Minimum Spillage) Are you headed to the U.K. to find a new thrilling adventure?  The bungee biscuit dunk has been done and the records have been broken.  This is a fun article on a man actually bungee jumping above a cup of tea and dunking a biscuit at…
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Top 6 Adventure Universities in the U.S.

College has changed these days.  Just imagine your major centering around learning everything about outdoor adventure and survival and then actually leading teams of people on these same adventures!  Well with these 6 Colleges/Universities, these are actual classes.  With the uptick in adventure travel and sporting interests, this may be a career worth pursuing.  Check out the list of Universities:  Hint, one of them is located in Knoxville, Tennessee!

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World’s Deepest Underwater Cave!

  UNCHARTED: DIVING IN BOTTOMLESS CAVE 20 years of trial and error, of constant obstacles, of learning and recalibrating, and exhibiting an enormous amount of patience...  One could go on and on describing just how difficult and frustrating this particular diving task is.  Narrow spaces and complete darkness are just a few things that divers…
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Jumping from Airplanes Without a Parachute

  20,000 Feet Above the Ground Read about the play-by-play analysis of a man who conceived the idea to jump out of an airplane at 25,000 feet without a parachute and guide his body safely onto a set of nets measuring 100x100 feet.  Insane?  You bet.  Impossible?  Apparently not.  The right planning and testing is…
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