Travel Fear and Overcoming The Unknown

Travel Fear and Overcoming The Unknown This week on worldwide travel chat, “The Road Less Travelled” (#TRLT), on Twitter we are discussing “The Unknown” with all of you; expert, novice and those of you who aspire to travel.    Seeing-the-countryside-of-Afhanistan-with-local-family-in-Kunduz Fear of the unknown is the biggest factor that holds people back from striking out…
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7 Cultural Mishaps to Avoid

7 CULTURAL MISHAPS TO AVOID Cooking a giant pot of escargot in the markets of Marrakech, Morocco Today on “The Road Less Travelled” (#TRLT) Twitter chat we are discussing CULTURE and its idiosyncrasies. In today’s societies it’s cultures that clash and can be the underlying antagonisms that create confusion, misunderstanding and missed connections. In this…
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The Road Less Traveled: Colors

  • While bamboo pole rafting down Jamaica’s river we stop for a quick drink at Tarzan’s abandoned restaurant
  • Waking up in the morning to breaking off an icicle treat to suck on under the famous peaks of the Swiss Alps.
  • Tromping around Africa for eight months in a fully equipped, self-built truck we ran into this man, who I made my husband.
  • This lonely cabin in an isolated outpost guards an empty field in the mountains of Austria. Even color doesn’t stop to visit, nor do we.
  • They write songs, sonnets and plays about this kind of natural beauty.
  • The sun slips between the covers in a magnificent display of power on the abandoned coast of Gabon.
  • The slippery mud, constant downpour and miserable damp in the Surinamese Rainforest can’t erase my smile or the pure joy of just being there.
  • The Poor Man’s Galapagos, a series of craggy rock formations inhabited by expat Galapagos feathery and scaly creatures.
  • The immensity, the color and the spirituality within the living walls of Hagia Sophia, Istanbul overwhelmed me. I never wanted to leave.
  • The great blue hope for our future worn by uniformed school children in Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Soaking up spring in Alkmaar, The Netherlands where the tulips are your neighbours.
  • Serene moment in a sliver of orange in British Columbia, Canada the only sound being the thrashing of a fish at the end of the line.
  • Pick a dye. Any dye! Life in India is transformed by stunning colors.
  • One hasn’t lived until they’ve spent their 80th birthday parasailing over the mirrored waters in Dominican Republic. We salute Oma Maria.
  • On site while starring in a commercial, I tip-toed through the suds on the endless stretches of beach along the Dutch coastline.
  • Making a living is harder in most parts of the world where success is determined by your own manual labor. End of the day returning in Chitwan National Park, Nepal.
  • It’s a game of tag racing each other to the base of the impressive glacier carved peaks in Leukerbad, Switzerland.
  • It looks like scrambled eggs at the putrid sulphur lakes of Danakil Depression Ethiopia.
  • I learned the definition of freedom atop a magnificent horse dashing across the endless fields making up 60% of Mongolia.
  • From so high up, it’s almost a moonscape, this river carves its way down to sea level through the mountains of Kyrgyzstan.
  • Drop-dead, cloudless blue washes over a neighborhood in the Blue City of Jodhpur, India.
  • Because they celebrate a new holiday every few days, floral colors are available everywhere in India for their lively festivals.
  • As the world quiets and a creamy guava curtain of clouds spreads across the Sahara sky, I’m reminded of the color blessings gifted to me by every country that I pass through.
  • Arms and legs out the window and everyone say, -cheese-! Family hijinks traveling by train through the tea fields on the island country of Sri Lanka.
  • A rich jewel chest of autumn color announces winter in Vancouver, Canada
  • 1200 year old hand crafted patterned mosaic tile work on one of Uzbekistan’s

Colors From Around The World

Savannah Grace, Featured Writer


This week on #TRLT Twitter chat we will be discussing COLOR! Due to it’s visual nature, I felt the best way to capture today’s topic was with a bright and captivating photo essay from around the world. Let me take you through the emerald, horse fields of Mongolia, past the splash of florescent yellow blooms dotting the Amazon Rainforest, dive into a tense World Cup final while dressed all in rich Dutch orange cheering for your team, and then I’ll let you relax in front of a fiery sunset in the Sahara desert.