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Holiday Travel Hacks

Holiday Travel Hacks By William Atkins I’ve traveled internationally on the busiest travel days imaginable. At Miami International Airport just before Christmas 2013 there was a security line to enter the gate area in Terminal D that took 2 ½ hours to clear. I had flown into Miami from Chicago on an early morning flight…
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Marriage Proposals Abroad!

Marriage Proposals Abroad! Traversing the globe, living a nomadic life throughout my teen years, as a family we came across many unusual travel experiences; from the“Weird and Wondeful” to the down right bizarre and comical. As a female with two other female companions there were many occasions where we found ourselves in quite strange situations…
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Tourist in North Korea

Tourist in North Korea, told by my brother, Ammon, an air traffic controller and avid world traveller who has visited 135 countries to date and currently on a trip in countries 136 and 137, Bhutan and Bangladesh with our sister, Bree (stunt performer in Vancouver film industry, worked for films including Pirates of the Caribbean…
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