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FRIENDLY FACES AROUND THE WORLD - PHOTO ESSAY Travel is amazing for an unlimited number of reasons; history, ideal weather conditions, putting your feet up and relaxing in exotic locations, taking on new adventures, a platform to build lifelong memories, experiencing culture diversity and thinking outside the box…but without the friendly faces of others smiling…
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8 Safety and Security Travel Tips

8 Safety and Security Travel Tips Normally each Tuesday a community of travellers, who now feel more like family after 3+ years of chatting each week, come together on #TRLT Twitter chat and INSPIRE! We share the best of the best stories and photos and leave each other with ever-growing bucket lists and wild travel dreams getting…
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The Ultimate REMOTE Journey

The Ultimate REMOTE Journey After more than a decade of intense and adventurous travels around the world, traversing overland and reaching corners many tourists will never set foot, I consider myself a remote travel expert. Having ventured from the great vastness of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia to circumnavigating Africa in a self-built truck, there…
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